The Philosophy

A great wine begins in the vineyard. This is our premise. Creating truly exceptional wines is only possible with good work in the vineyard and total focus on every detail.


Although the vine cycle is the same year after year, each vintage is unique and unrepeatable. What is repeatable is our commitment to closely follow each of our vineyards, believing that any grape variety in the ideal terroir can give birth to great wines.

Respect for nature has always been on the foundation of this project where we tried to return to viticulture with minimal human intervention but in close contact with the land. Under this principle, Rui Reguinga pursued his dream of becoming a vigneron, i.e., making his wine with his own grapes, and in 2004 he found the old vineyard that he had been seeking for a long time in the Serra de São Mamede, in Alto Alentejo: a field blend of 12 red varieties that originated Terrenus Vinhas Velhas.

“We’re fascinated by the good old vineyards, which we see as true classics waiting for modern interpretations.”