The Philosophy

What drives us

A great wine begins in the vineyard. This is our premise. Creating truly exceptional wines is only possible with good work in the vineyard and total focus on every detail.


Authentic and Handcrafted

The perfect balance between Land and Man in which Nature dictates the final result in the production of each wine. We use only Portuguese grape varieties to create wines based on a concept of returning to the origins, of intimate contact with the place where they’re born and with the least possible intervention.


Altitude in the Alentejo

Just unlikely. Vineyards located between 600 and 750 meters in altitude in a region where plains predominate as far as the eye can see. A unique microclimate that allows to produce very fresh wines, with a balanced acidity and lower alcohol content.

The Vigneron

A restless spirit

After being nicknamed “flying winemaker” by the Portuguese press, Rui Reguinga ended up settling in Alto Alentejo, more precisely in the heart of the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, to dedicate himself to each single detail of Terrenus.

“For me, the ideal concept would be organic grapes and technological winery. Even considering the creativity, we cannot neglect the technical component of the winemaker’s work, because if we stumble over failures we never get to enjoy the essence of wine.”